Summer - Fall 2011

The lab goes to Florida over mid-semester break - Lycium with fruit & an alligator!

Lem Atanga-McCormick ’12, T. J. Keyes ’12, and Kayleigh O’Keefe ’12 begin honors work in the lab.  Anna Rasmussen ’13 joins the lab as a HHMI summer research fellow & stays on in the Fall.

Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

Ambika Kamath ’11 graduates, receives the Schotte Scholarship Award, and is off to Harvard for graduate studies in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology.

Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

JSM on sabbatical - travels to the Gulf Coast of Texas, Hawaiian islands, and the Galapagos!

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010

JSM & RAL awarded a five-year National Science Foundation grant - Read more...

Paper with Jessica Blanton ‘06E published Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

A second article in MPE co-authored with Andrew Whelan ’08 published.

JSM & Ambika Kamath ’11 present at Evolution 2009 in Moscow, Idaho.

Tom Beck ’10 graduates - congratulations!

Spring 2009

Charles Darwin turns 200 - Happy Birthday Chuck!  Link to the Darwin Days @ Amherst website

Mukta, Jamie, Julian & Joanna graduate - congratulations! 

Biology Department field trip to Chapel Brook, a Trustees of Reservations site in Ashfield, MA.

Flowers, salamanders, waterfalls - what more could you want?

Fall 2008

Department field outing to Hawley Bog and Bear Swamp.  JSM was attacked (chemically) by a snake - yuck and ewwww...

May & June 2008

JSM, RAL, and Julian Damashek ‘09 are back from NSF funded travel to China.

Sara & Andrew graduate - congratulations!

March/April 2008

Josh Shak ’06 to attend the MD/PhD program @ Emory University in Fall 2008. 

Ellen Leffler ’06 is headed to the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago for her PhD beginning Fall 2008.

February 2008

Natalie Feliciano successfully defends her Master’s thesis research in the Plant Biology Graduate Program at the Univ. Massachusetts and publishes with JSM/RAL in Evolution.  Congratulations Natalie!

Summer-Fall 2007

JSM, RAL, and Natalie Feliciano, travel to Africa during August–November 2007.

John Stanton-Geddes '04 & JSM publish in the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society.

JSM and Pam Diggle publish in the American Journal of Botany.

Paper in the VI Annual Solanaceae Proceedings published in Acta Horticulturae with Josh Shak '06.

Summer 2006

Josh Shak '06 presents his thesis work at the Botany 2006 meeting in Chico, California.

Sara Barmettler gets LycieaeWeb up and running as an Amherst Academic Intern!

Spring 2006

Biology thesis students Min Wang, Josh Shak, and Ellen Leffler graduate - congratulations!

Anna Savage '04 & JSM have manuscript published in Heredity.

Natalie Feliciano, UMass Plant Biology graduate student, joins the lab!

Fall 2006

John Stanton-Geddes '04 starts his Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior at the Univ. of Minnesota.

Katelyn Gamson '05 to attend UCSF medical school in Fall 2006.

Summer 2005

JSM, Josh Shak ’06, and RAL travel to South Africa and Namibia.

Anna Savage '04 receives a NSF predoctoral graduate research fellowship and is in the Zamudio lab at Cornell University.

JSM and Anna Savage ’04 publish in Evolution.

JSM and RAL publish in American Journal of Botany.