Cara J. Giaimo ’11

Barcoding utility of chloroplast regions in Lycium (Solanaceae)


Jamie L. Kostyun ‘09

Allele specific amplification of the self-incompatibility gene (S-RNase) in two species of Lycium (Solanaceae)

Wen Zhang ‘10

Variation in noncoding chloroplast regions of Lycium


Mukta Dhond ‘09

Lycium cestroides: extraction and isolation of the S-RNase gene controlling gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI)


Alan C. Kwan ‘08

Lycium phylogenies: a study of the utility of nuclear and chloroplast gene regions

Shannon K. Rush ‘07

Estimation of plant size in Sagittaria species


Denise A. Twum ‘06

The utility of chloroplast and nuclear gene regions for inferring phylogenetic relationships among Lycium (Solanaceae)


Allison R. Schroder ‘06

The biogeography of Lycium (Wolfberry) based upon two chloroplast and one nuclear gene region


Ambika Kamath ‘11

S-RNase diversity in Chinese Lycium

Ambika is also part of the Schupf Scholars Program at Amherst College.

Carolyn Whiting, Smith College ‘10

Does phylogenetic evidence support three species in Grabowskia?

Research opportunities...

Students with interests in the research described on this site can apply to work in my lab through the departmental Honors program (limited to rising Seniors) or various Summer Fellowship programs. The Amherst Summer Science Program runs for 10 weeks during the summer and is open to first and second year students from Amherst, Smith, and Mount Holyoke Colleges.  

I also often hire students as semester research assistants in both the laboratory and the greenhouse.  Browse our
research interests page for more information and contact me directly with questions.


Anna Rasmussen ’13

Pollen tube growth in self-compatible and self-incompatible Solanaceae

S-RNase diversity in Lycium carolinianum


Caitlin Niesen-Blank ’14