Lycium macrodon  A. Gray

Type: United States: Fremont's expedition to California, 1849, No locality indicated, but most probably from southern Arizona (holotype: NY)

Geographical Region: North America

Distribution: MEXICO: Sonora; UNITED STATES: Arizona

Habit: rigidly branching, thorny

Shrub height: 1-3 m

Leaf characteristics:

    Leaf Pubescence: glabrous or minutely puberulent
    Leaf Length: 5-30 mm
    Leaf Width: 2-5 mm

Calyx characteristics:

    Calyx Shape: campanulate
    Calyx Pubescence: minutely glandular-puberulent
    Calyx Tube Length: 4-9 mm
    Calyx Lobe Length: 1.5-2 times as long as the tube

Corolla characteristics:

    Corolla Color: greenish-white to pale lilac
    Flower Shape: pendant, solitary or in pairs
    Corolla Tube Length: 5-12 mm
    Corolla Lobe Length: 2-5 mm

Merosity: 5

Filament Pubescence: glabrous to sparsely puberlulent, pilose near base of corolla to 4mm on free portion

Sexuality: hermaphroditic

Fruit characteristics:

    Fruit Type: berry
    Fruit Shape: bilocular
    Fruit Color: yellowish to brownish when ripe
    Fruit length: 6-10 mm
    Fruit constriction: constricted

Seed Number: each locule bears 1-2 seeds

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