Lycium strandveldense A.M. Venter

Type: South Africa: Western Cape Province: Lamberts Bay, Venter A. M. 477 (BLFU)

Geographical Region: Africa

Distribution: SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape Province

Habit: erect, rigid, thorny

Shrub height: 1-1.5 m

Leaf characteristics:

Leaf Succulence: succulent
Pubescence: glabrous
Leaf Length: 9-13 mm
Leaf Width: 2-3 mm

Calyx characteristics:

Calyx Shape: campanulate to broadly tubular
Calyx Tube Length: 4mm
Calyx Lobe Length: 1 mm

Corolla characteristics:

Corolla Color: deep purple with tube sometimes greenish white on outside
Flower Shape: semi-orbicular, spreading
Corolla Tube Length: 11-13 mm
Corolla Lobe Length: 2.5 mm

Merosity: 5

Filament Pubescence: base pilose

Sexuality: dioecious

Fruit characteristics:

Fruit Type:berry
Fruit Shape: ellipsoid
Fruit Color: red
Fruit length: 4-5 mm
Fruit width: 7-8 mm

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