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New Record Genomic Genus Species Voucher Specimen Population Provenance Country State/Province/ Etc COS14 COS16 COS27 COS30 COS40 NIA GBSSI ITS psbA-trnH(A) trnL-rpl132(V1) rpl132_ndhf(V2) trnL-trnF trnT-trnL trnD-trnT
Edit/Delete Grabowskiaglauca  South America         AB019289, AB019949      
Edit/DeleteLB597Jaborosaintegrifolia  South America                
Edit/Delete580LyciumchanarRGO 2004-170 South America                
Edit/DeleteAMV 599Lyciumcinereum 599Africa             SEQ  
Edit/Delete833SolanumperuvianumPERU 29LA2744                 
Edit/Delete581LyciumfuscumRGO 2004-173 South America                
Edit/Delete407LyciumisthmenseMedrano 11963 MEXU North America                
Edit/Delete405LyciumleiospermumVillarreal 8227 & Carranza MEXU North America                
Edit/DeleteAMV 550Lyciummascarenense 550Africa                
Edit/Delete LyciummascarenenseA. M. Venter 422 BLFU Africa                
Edit/DeleteAMV 596Lyciumoxycarpum 596Africa         DQ124533SEQ   DQ124595DQ124472SEQ
Edit/Delete409Lyciumruthenicum  Eurasia                
Edit/Delete497LyciumshawiiA. M. Venter 546 BLFU Africa  HM194938  SEQ  HM194917 HM195014HM194974HM194994 SEQHM194955
Edit/DeleteLB533Lyciumsp.  South America                
Edit/DeleteLB561Lyciumsp.  South America                
Edit/DeleteLB595Lyciumsp.  South America                
Edit/DeleteLB902Lyciumsp.  South America                
Edit/Delete403LyciumtexanumA. M. Powell 1563 TEX North America                
Edit/Delete AtropabelladonnaBIRM S.0078           AY028129, AY028147      
Edit/Delete699LyciumdesertiQ#2904 J Wen South America                

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