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New Record Genomic Genus Species Voucher Specimen Population Provenance Country State/Province/ Etc COS14 COS16 COS27 COS30 COS40 NIA GBSSI ITS psbA-trnH(A) trnL-rpl132(V1) rpl132_ndhf(V2) trnL-trnF trnT-trnL trnD-trnT
Edit/Delete682Lyciumbosciifolium ZA21AfricaNamibia               
Edit/Delete683LyciumcestroidesNo herb specimenBH102South AmericaArgentinaCordoba              
Edit/Delete684Lyciumcestroides BH104South AmericaArgentinaCordoba              
Edit/Delete685LyciumdistichumHutchison & Wright 7192 F South AmericaPeru               
Edit/Delete686LyciumhumileTeillier 4082 SGO  Chile               
Edit/Delete324LyciumboerhaviifoliumG. Barboza 594 South AmericaArgentinaLa Rioja     JF284396JF284369       
Edit/Delete600GrabowskiaboerhaviaefoliaChiang et al. 2268 CORD North AmericaMexicoPuebla              
Edit/Delete GrabowskiaboerhaviaefoliaBiurum & Hunziker 4342 South AmericaArgentinaLa Rioja              
Edit/Delete321LyciumboerhaviifoliumG. Barboza 526 South AmericaArgentinaChaco     JF284400-1JF284372       
Edit/Delete433LyciumboerhaviifoliumMiller et al. 05-12 South AmericaArgentinaSanta Fe; Dpt. Vera     JF284392JF284367SEQ      
Edit/DeleteRGO378GrabowskiaduplicataBIRM S.0258RGO378South AmericaArgentinaBuenos Aires       AF238982      
Edit/Delete GrabowskiaduplicataMiller et al. 04-54 South AmericaArgentinaCatamarca; Dpt. La Paz              
Edit/Delete GrabowskiaduplicataMiller et al. 05-14 South AmericaArgentinaSanta Fe; Dpt. Vera              
Edit/Delete676GrabowskiageniculataChiang et al. F-2386 ARIZ North AmericaMexicoPuebla      SEQ       
Edit/Delete677GrabowskiageniculataChiang et al. F-368 ARIZ North AmericaMexicoPuebla      SEQ       
Edit/Delete Grabowskiaglauca  South America         AB019289, AB019949      
Edit/Delete423LyciumboerhaviifoliumMiller et al. 04-58 South AmericaArgentinaCatamarca; Dpt. Capayan     JF284389JF284363     SEQ 
Edit/Delete434LyciumboerhaviifoliumMiller et al. 04-113 South AmericaArgentinaSan Juan; Dpt. Ullun     JF284390JF284365       
Edit/Delete GrabowskiaobtusaMiller et al. 04-59 South AmericaArgentinaCatamarca; Dpt. Capayan              
Edit/Delete GrabowskiaobtusaRoig s.n. South AmericaArgentinaMendoza              

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