Research opportunities...

Students with interests in the research described on this site can apply to work in my lab through the departmental Honors program (limited to rising Seniors) or various Summer Fellowship programs. The Amherst Summer Science Program runs for 10 weeks during the summer and is open to first and second year students from Amherst, Smith, and Mount Holyoke Colleges.  

I also often hire students as semester research assistants in both the laboratory and the greenhouse.  Browse our
research interests page for more information and contact me directly with questions.


Greenhouse Research Assistants

Thanks to all who help to maintain plants & collect data.

Rose Abramoff ‘09

Jamie Mattison ‘10

Shanwei Cao ‘11

Cara Giaimo ‘11

Jennifer Suh ‘08

Halimah Hamidu-Egiebor ‘12

Shannon Rush ‘07

Jamie Kostyun ’09

Mukta Dhond ’09

Min Wang ‘06

Laboratory Research Assistants

A bit of this & a bit of that...

these folks keep the data coming!

  1. T.T.J. Keyes ’12

  2. U.Caroline Hu ’11

  3. V.Geoff Giller ‘09

Hollis Brashear, Amherst Regional High School

Ambika Kamath ’11

Neta Ambar, Hampshire College ‘09

Jamie Kostyun ‘09

Mukta Dhond ‘09

Andrew Whelan ’08

Shari Jainuddin, Ada Comstock Scholar, Smith College '09

Peter Murphy ‘07

Jessica Blanton ‘06

Jackie Eastman ‘07

Anna Savage ‘04

Katelyn L. Gamson ‘04

Sara Barmettler ‘08 worked during the summer of 2006 as an Amherst College Academic Intern to prepare the Project Lycieae resource. Sara read treatments and summarized information about species in tribe Lycieae from all over the world, scanned and organized photographs, created and updated several databases, located resources relevant to the project, and prepared on-line keys for species identification. Finally, Sara also helped to design the web site that details our work on this group of plants - link to it here.

Anna Wasserstrom '03 graduated from Amherst and majored in Chemistry. Following her graduation, Anna worked as an Amherst College Quantitative Skills Center fellow.  Anna completed a Specials Topics research project in the lab (during Spring 2003) to complement her Chemistry degree.  Following graduation, Anna attended medical school at Georgetown University.

Alisa Neymark '05 graduated from Amherst with a BA in Biology.  Alisa worked in the lab during summer 2004 and completed a Special Topics with JSM investigating variation at the S-RNase locus in Lycium exsertum.  Following graduation, Alisa was off to New York where she has a research technician position at Columbia University.

Ambika Kamath ’11 worked in the lab as part of the Schupf Scholars Program, as a Hughes Summer Fellow, and as a Biology Honors student.  Ambika is a co-author on two papers with JSM and RAL; link to them here.