Dr. Jill S. Miller is Associate Professor of Biology at Amherst.  Jill does NOT study tortoises, but likes them very much.  Follow this link for more about JSM or this link for more about the courses I teach at Amherst.

Dr. Rachel A. Levin is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Biology department at Amherst.  Rachel teaches courses in the Biology Department and in the Environmental Studies major including BIOL 04: Food, Fiber, and Pharmaceuticals, BIOL 48: Conservation Biology, and ENST-12 The Resilient (?) Earth: An Introduction to Environmental Studies.


Natalie Feliciano graduated in Spring '08 with a MS degree from the Plant Biology Graduate Program at the University of Massachusetts.  She traveled to South Africa during August-September 2007 as part of her MS research, which was published in Evolution in 2008.

Natalie worked for a year in the lab as research technician extraordinaire, but then headed West to Northern Cal.

She’s back in the valley, but we still miss her every day!

Mukta Dhond graduated from Amherst College with a BA in Biology in 2009. She also completed a senior thesis in the lab, working on self-incompatibility systems in Old World Lycium.

Mukta kept things sane as the lab GO-TO technician during 2009-2010 and we felt safe in her hands.

Where is she now?  It’ll be Dr. Dhond in no time...

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Alex Chang graduated from Amherst with a BA in Biology in 2011.

He joined the laboratory as a technician in June 2011 and was with us during the 2011-2012 academic year.  Good luck in Wisconsin - we’ll miss you Alex!